Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vendor Update!

Our vendor list this year looks great!   Returning vendors this year include the Armando Barrera family with their wide selection of cabs, spheres, and eggs, as well as carvings such as bears and buffaloes.  Art and Tilly Nichols are returning with their cabs and jewelry, and our old friend Bill Fencil will be back with jewelry, beads and cabs.  New vendors this year will include Gerald Howard and Jim Wines from Houston TX, offering fine petrified wood and knapped items.  Our own Jim Gunn will be displaying his wire-wrapped pendants.

Susan & Doug Abbott, Desert Designs, Silver City, NM,   Native American jewelry, Zuni fetishes

Henry & Charlotte Andazola, Silver City, NM,   Native American jewelry

Armando Barrera, Custom Rock Cutters, Columbus, NM,  Cabs, spheres, eggs, carvings

Ed & Dawn Bell, Bell Custom Jewelry, Livingston, TX,   Jewelry, cabs

Fred Bishop, 2 Guys Rocks, Deming, NM,   Slabs, quartz, geodes, turquoise, jewelry

Karen Blisard, Radiant Gemstones, Silver City, NM,   Jewelry, faceted stones, facet rough

Harry & Carol Bruntz, Uniquely Yours, Horizon City, TX,   Rocks, gems, minerals, display stands

Greg & Ann Capatch, Collectible Crystals & Copper, Sedona, AZ,   Minerals, crystals, copper splash

Kevin Cook & Sylveen Robinson-Cook, Royal Scepter, Silver City, NM,  Books, maps, beads, jewelry

Ginger Coombs, Silver City, NM,   Jewelry, cabs, geodes

Leah Criss, Bobcriss, Tucson, AZ,   Beads, silver jewelry

Dave Douglass, Douglass Minerals, Tucson, AZ,   Mineral specimens

Bill Fencil, William J. Fencil Co, Deming, NM,  Jewelry, beads, cabs.

Sue Fischer, Jewelry from Sue, Silver City, NM,   Silver and gold jewelry

Abdul Gardezy, Brilliant design, Chandler, AZ,  Fine gems and jewelry

James Gunn, Doc’s Wirewraps, Elephant Butte, NM,  Wirewrap pendants

Tom Hales, Tom’s Treasures, Deming, NM,  Minerals, gemstone rough, jewelry

Sally Hansen, Sally Rocks, Silver City, NM,  Jewelry, lapidary

Joe Harris, NM Joe’s Trading Post, Silver City, NM,  Native American jewelry

Allen Hebert, Glenkara, Tucson, AZ,   Gems, minerals, jewelry

Therese Higgins, The Jewelry Lady, Silver City, NM,   Jewelry, belly belts

Michael Ho, Gemstone Station, Miraloma, CA,  Beads, pearls

Bill & Linda Horton, Misty Mountain G&M, Litchfield Park, AZ,  Jewelry, gems, minerals, carvings

Gerald Howard & Jim Wines, JNE Lapidary, Dickinson, TX,  Petrified wood, knapped items

Bill & Emily Jaeger, Endless Mountain Minerals, Hereford, AZ,   Crystals, rough, specimens, jewelry

Patsy & Jerry Kastner, Kastner Gems & Supply, Tucson, AZ,   Jewelry, lapidary equipt, supplies

Ron Kellner, RK Enterprises, Show Low, AZ,  Jewelry, cabs, slabs, specimens

Randy & Sally McCowan, Deming, NM,  Arrowheads, turquoise

Blanca Murguia, BM Jewelry, El Paso, TX,  Silver & gemstone jewelry

Barbara Nance, Stonewalker Studio, Silver City, NM,   Stone sculpture

Ken Newman, DBA Rocks, Deming, NM,  Spheres, slabs, thunder eggs

Art and Tilly Nichols, Chimayo, NM,  Cabs, jewelry

Jose Nunez, Canutillo, TX,  Minerals

John & Connie Partridge, JBP Minerals, Tucson, AZ,  Minerals, rocks

David & Ruth Ann Rinsch, Dave’s Enterprises, Tyrone, NM,  Rocks, gems

John Scully & Laurie Rossi, Scully’s Minerals, Fairview, NM   Minerals, fossils

Jesse, James, and Jan Searcy, Black hat Trading, Deming, NM,   Jewelry, findings, beads, carvings

Tracy Stump, Tracy’s Silver & Gold, Phoenix, AZ,   Jewelry

Sharon & Bill Szymanski, Never Enough Karats, San Tan Valley, AZ,  Jewelry, collectibles

Bruce Williams & Nancy Bailey, Silver & Stone Works, Silver City, NM,   Jewelry, cabs, chain maille

Tony Zenan, Znaniecki Collection, Cottonwood, AZ,   Wildlife paintings on slabs

Friday, April 25, 2014

Our new rack card for the 2014 Show


It won't be long until the next Gem and Mineral Show so mark your calendars.   The 31st Annual Gem and Mineral Show will be held at the Grant County Business and Conference Center located at 3031 US Hry 180 at 32nd Street in beautiful Silver City. New Mexico.  As always, admission is free and the show is open to the public.  It's a great family event with activities for the children.   It's also a great time to get started on those holiday gifts.
Here's the schedule:
Saturday August 30th 9 AM  Closes 5  PM
Sunday August 31st 10 AM  Closes 5  PM
Monday September 1st, Labor Day, 10 AM  Closes 4 PM

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kilbourne Hole Field Trip Photos

Thanks to Ann McMahon and John Schexnaydre for these wonderful images of the recent club field trip to Kilbourne Hole.  

Monday, October 14, 2013

For those with mining claims

We recieved the following post that might be interesting to some.

Dear Webmaster,

I wanted to reach out to you because we are currently seeking some potential cast members for a potential Season 3 of The Weather Channel's "Prospectors" a hit television series about miners and their incredible finds as they battle the elements to uncover valuable minerals and gems.
Here is a link to the show's website:

We are seeking miners in the Southwest with claims who are available to dig this winter. Great energy is a plus and a passion for mining is a must. In addition we're looking for miners who dig as their full-time profession as opposed to those who mine as a hobby. 

I am hopeful that you and or members of your Gem & Mineral Club may know miners in your area currently working. Would love to chat with you on the phone if it's convenient for you. Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested in participating. I am happy to answer any questions as well.
Many thanks for your time.

Sarah Finley
High Noon Entertainment
303-872-8598 (office)
303-872-8701 (fax) 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A couple bits of news

Submitted by Lee Stockman

Two Items for your attention:

1.  At our meeting tomorrow evening, September 12, Mary Dowse will present a program on her trip to Australia. 

Here is her description of what she will talk about:

"Mary Dowse, Professor of Geology at Western and world traveler, will present a program about her visit to Australia in the Summer of 2012. She spent a week in the Pilbara in Western Australia, sleeping in the bush and looking at very old rocks which she will tell us about. After a week of meetings in Brisbane she headed for the Great Barrier Reef to study learn more about reefs and swim with sharks, little ones."

As always Mary's talks are most informative and entertaining.

2.  Jeannine Weiner, Club Historian would like for  people that took pictures at the show to get them to her so she can put together a slide show for the web page as well as the archives. Maybe those with pictures  could burn them to a CD and bring them to the meeting.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August Field Trip

by Jeannine Weiner

Our August Field trip took us south on Hwy 90 to a mine just south of the Continental Divide Campground.  The mine, name unknown, was not very deep and was lined with very hard rock. We were able to go in without any fear of it caving in. There was quite a bit of Chrysocolla and maybe Malachite on the walls and we attempted to chisel some of it out. It turned out to be a very difficult process. We did finally manage to get a few nice pieces. There was also some Dendrite in the area and that for me proved to be a bonus! The view and the weather couldn't have been better! We had a wonderful outing.  Here are a few photos.